Duratherm FG

Rated to 327°C, It has a strong resistance to fouling for extended service and is engineered and manufactured to comply with the demands of food grade applications. Meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact (H1), meets the requirements of 21 CFR 178.3570 and is registered with the NSF HT1.

  • Food grade - NSF registered and meets FDA 21 CFR 178.3570
  • Rated to 327°C, it’s one of the highest temperature food grade fluids available
  • Kosher certified
  • Extended service life
  • Dual-stage anti-oxidant protects against oxidation
Temerature Ratings
Maximum Bulk/Use Temp 327°C
Maximum Film Temp 355°C
Pour Point ASTM D445 -17°C
Safety Data
Flash Point ASTM D92 227°C
Fire Point ASTM D92 242°C
Auto Ignition ASTM E-659-78 362°C
Thermal Properties
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 0.1015 %/°C
Thermal Conductivity W/m·K
38°C 0.144
100°C 0.14
204°C 0.133
260°C 0.13
288°C 0.13
316°C 0.128
Heat Capacity kJ/kg·K
38°C 1.968
100°C 2.172
204°C 2.515
260°C 2.696
288°C 2.788
316°C 2.881
Physical Properties
Viscosity ASTM D445 cSt
40°C 40.35
100°C 6.51
204°C 1.56
260°C 1.03
288°C 0.88
316°C 0.76
Density ASTM D1298 d/ml
38°C 0.845
100°C 0.803
204°C 0.733
260°C 0.695
288°C 0.676
316°C 0.658
Vapour Pressure ASTM D2879 kPa
38°C 0
100°C 0
204°C 0.4
260°C 2.62
288°C 5.516
316°C 10.894
Distillation Range ASTM D2887
10% 383°C
90% 494°C
Average Molecular Weight 395
Specific Gravity @ 16°C 0.863

Note: The values quoted in the table above are typical of normal production.
They do not constitute a specification.

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